days thirty four and thirty five: león

(this is the same picture that i’m using for my león post on the official mariposa blog but oh well)

anyway. this weekend was león and it was beautiful! it’s my favorite weekend city trip because you get to walk around on the cathedral roof and feel like you’re touching the sky.

nick (another student) and i hit up the sandinista museum (museo de la revolución) and met a lovely man named benito! he asked us if we wanted to see a picture of him when he was our age and when we said yes, instead of pulling out a photo, he pointed out a large picture of revolutionaries on the wall. “that one’s me”, he told us, beaming. 

wild, right?

oh, and i had my first taste of baho — it’s a traditional Nica dish made with beef, plantains, and vegetables, steamed over yucca in a very Very large pot and served with salad.

(tip: for cheap eats in león, hit up the ladies in the indoor market/comedor behind the cathedral. they’re super nice, they’re excellent cooks, they explain all the dishes to you, and they even hand you your food on pretty dishes!)

anyway. it was delicious. 


day twenty six: to market to market

the masaya markets are my favorite markets.

there’s the artisan market and the municipal market, which basically means there’s a tourist market and a local one. i visit the local one because it’s cheaper, but the other is lovely too.

i go on my days off, i go when i’m working tours… something in me love love loves markets (and craft markets specifically). they’re so busy and interesting and overwhelming and there’s always something i haven’t seen and i love buying things from people who made them and having a conversation to remember after i have my things. i’d rather buy everything for the rest of my life in an outdoor market, if it was possible. 

is that silly? probably.

but it’s still true.