day thirty one: cyber chase

i’ve spent the past few days doing regular intern work: making reservations, sending emails, talking to volunteers, printing and laminating things…

BUT what makes that last task so much more fun here is that it’s completely different! most people (including us) don’t have a personal printer, so when i want to print and laminate anything i go to the local Cyber (pronounced “see-bur”) where they provide everything from internet access to printing and copying to school supplies. it involves a trip to La Concha and it’s usually a very fun time (i’m still at the point where running small errands in town brings me joy and makes me feel independent).


this is what it looked like. 

it had a friendly man who happened to be one of the homestay families for La Mariposa! his name was Julio and we had a long conversation about my internship and his Cyber and La Mariposa’s projects while everything was printing and laminating (again, time is different here… nothing is really quick and so you make the most of your waiting chatting with other people). he shared some Nicaraguan sweets with me and i went and bought pan dulce to share with him and then he had to go and get new laminate sheets because he didn’t have enough but the girl who was supposed to mind the shop was late. but by that point he decided he knew me well enough so he just? left me in charge of the Cyber? while there were a bunch of guys there too? for like fifteen or twenty minutes? 

anyway we joked that my new title was “intern of La Mariposa — and the Cyber Belen” and nothing much else happened and i got my sheets printed and laminated and today was a good day.