day twenty eight: “office work”

on day twenty eight, i worked a lot a lot a lot because i was on my own in the office

but office work is far from boring!! 

i gave tours and solved crises and went back and forth and talked to the cooks and the new guests and called people on the phone in spanish because i didn’t have any other options (it was a little anxious but it worked out) also i got rained on

it was a wild time 

here’s an unrelated photo of the beach i went to the day before that (that was fairly relaxing even though i was kinda still working) 

(yes i’m aware my blog posts are getting more and more disjointed give a girl a break)


day nine: la mariposa and a lil’ blog redo

…and on the ninth day, 

the blog was revamped!

in case you haven’t realized, i’m really, really passionate about what La Mariposa is doing. yes, they’re a quality school and eco-hotel — but they also have a consistent commitment to environmental and economic justice, they place a critical emphasis on cultural awareness and global citizenship, and they’ve done a LOT in the local community in the past twenty years or so. 

i’m excited to spend my summer here, and i’m thrilled about the work i am (and will be) doing! 

anyway, part of that work includes redoing the blog and producing regular work… so that’s what i’ve been doing this past week or so. updated content is to come, but in the mean time, i played around with the design of the blog and added some features to make it more accessible.

here’s the before:

and the after:

and you can check it out right here!

(also, no, i wasn’t paid to write this. i’m just obnoxiously enthusiastic.)